Mark is a DNS – movement coach. He works with a large range of clientele; from office worker to elite athlete, but all with the same goal of bringing their bodies back to full function and moving pain free. He achieves this by using the approach of aligning posture and breathing, while teaching clients true core stability.

The major influence on his way of working has been the Prague School of Rehabilitation, which views stability and function as a global system.  His world view is holistic and has been profoundly influenced by Eastern Approaches such as Advaita, Zen and Taoism.

Mark is currently working in private practice. Consulting to, Hawthorn FC, Paleo-Osteo Evolutionary Medicine Clinic, SuperYou Fitness Studios, Coaching Evolution.

Mark will start with us by running a DNS Movement/Yoga session. As well as an outdoor natural movement group session, incorporating coordination, agility, shuttles, sprints, power bands, kettlebells and boxing.

Mark will also be available for individual consults for Assessment/Treatment/Exercise.

Mark has been working in Physical Preparation and Performance Coaching for 22 years.  In this time he has worked at the Victorian and Australian Institutes of Sport, consulted to Tennis Australia and co-developed a National Holistic Movement Education Program for Bluearth Foundation, which is in its 17th year.

Over this time period he has been experimenting with an optimal approach to performance through posture, breathing, stability and function.

With and impressive list of athletes under his guidance, he has prepared athletes for 6 Olympic Games, which has yielded 5 Gold medals, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze in Rowing, Swimming and Track & Field

Mark has consulted with the following International level athletes over this period;

  • James Tomkins, Drew Ginn and Nick Green in rowing.
  • World Cycling and Tour de France Champion Cadel Evans.
  • Cathy Freeman, Steve Hooker, Dale Stevenson and Jeff Riseley in athletics.
  • Mark Webber in F1
  • Eamon Sullivan and Mack Horton in swimming.
  • Michelle Timms, Jenna O’Hea and Hanna Zavecz in Basketball.
  • He also worked closely with Chris Judd from 2007-09 on his rehabilitation back to full fitness.
  • Consults to Hawthorn FC since 2008 and in that time, they have won 4 premierships.
  • Mark has enjoyed working closely with Luke Hodge on Ideal Function since 2012.
  • Also currently working with Tennis players Andrew Whittington, Sasha Alexander and Luke Saville.  Tennis has been a life passion of Mark’s, and finds all his work incredibly rewarding.

A word from Mark. 

A lot of the people I work with are already very successful in their field of endeavour.  It is my job to help them with what they cannot see or are not aware of.  I view performance as uncovering what is already there, in a similar way that a sculptor removes stone to reveal the sculpture.

Experience has taught me that the biggest gains will be made in understanding the unity between posture, breathing, stability and centration.  Centration is a Prague School concept that explains physiological movement.  A centrated body has maximal congruency throughout all weight-bearing surfaces of the joints.  When we are centrated we are maximally strong, when we’re not, centrated, we’re causing harm.”