DNS, Yoga & Posture Correction

This class is designed to bring back ‘functional ideal’ in people. It is a mix of yoga postures, DNS, static stretching, diaphragm breathing and archetypal postures all of which help the body stretch and strengthen in different ways.

Functional Ideal: The shape/posture our bodies are biomechanically designed to be.
DNS: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability. A series of postures we go through as babies to train the nervous system preparing us to become upright and moving.
Archetypal Postures: Postures the human body is designed to rest in. The modern adult’s physiology has changed to the point many of us find these postures difficult. stretch


More then just stretching, we also look at basic movement to analyse different movement patterns and observe, as well as getting clients to feel for imbalances in their movement which may be the cause or the reaction of a problem. From there we can start to re-train the way that person moves and stretch and strengthen appropriately to bring people back to postural ideal.

Anyone and everyone can benefit from this class. Due to our current society and lifestyles, majority of people are walking around far from postural ideal. Much of this from people’s poor sitting postures at their desks, in their cars or in front of the TV for too long.

Even athletes can benefit from this class, with many athletes often having a dominant side which is overdeveloped and causing imbalances in the body. Often the way to being stronger, jumping higher, running faster can be something as simple as better posture and muscles control which allows longer strides, stronger structures and more efficient breathing.

So doesn’t matter if you are simply looking to move without pain, looking for better flexibility, or you are an elite athlete looking to improve your performance, this class can benefit you!

 Come and join our yoga blackburn class now!