Jacky – have lost 10cms off my stomach!

  • I have trained with SUFS for 4 months. When I first started, I had been doing a lot of bike riding, but no resistance work or strength work for my core. Since starting I have been amazed at my strength gains, being able to shift heavy weights, I have much more stability through my core and have lost 10cms off my stomach! Even though I still pull up sore sometimes from the sessions, I feel invigorated and better for it. I suffered from back pains from a previous herniated disc many years back. I am finding that as my core muscles are becoming stronger, the back pain that used to appear when I am standing for too long or walking too much are non-existant. Every class that I attend is a genuine workout session where the tempo and intensity is mixed and varied. The element of suprise! The most important thing for me is the fact that robbie constantly ensures we perform the exercises with correct technique and posture to maximise our workout and avoid injuries. Jacky - have lost 10cms off my stomach!