Michael – I have achieved real results

  • As I was getting older, I found myself getting out of shape physically. l have tried a few different gyms, but l always felt that l was looking for something more. The answer was SuperYou Fitness Studios. When l started with my personal trainer, Robbie Aardoom, my goal was to improve my health and fitness levels by increasing my strength, flexibility and muscle definition, along with some targeted weight loss. I have now been with SuperYou Fitness Studios for over 3 years and have successfully achieved these goals by doing kickboxing and weights. The professional and personal approach and support from my trainer Robbie were exactly what l needed! The friendly and enthusiastic manner of my trainer always ensures that the sessions are enjoyable and still challenging at the same time. The constant variety and energy in the training sessions keep me coming back for more. Being a part of SuperYou Fitness Studios has made me a fitter and healthier individual. I have achieved “real” results which only proves that dedication to your personal goals can definitely be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. Michael - I have achieved real results