• During this time not only has my weight dropped, my strength increased, but my motivation to push myself has increased substantially. As a coach he is considered in his methods, ¬†supportive in his actions, encouraging in his words and challenging in his approach After a session on the water, I always feel inspired to do more and to go just that bit harder in the next session To compliment this I have recently been attending the 'neuromuscular stability' sessions, competently led ¬†by Kanga. These sessions too have been of incredible value. Specifically it has helped measurably with my recovery of my hip replacement 4 months ago. He is exceptionally knowledgeable, very practical and engaging. He is, understandably, highly regarded and sought after in the area of sport performance Notwithstanding the fact that they charge like wounded African Buffaloes, they are worth every dollar. I would highly recommend them as coaches" Peter