Poppy – I have successfully LOST 20kg!

  • In the beginning, I was out of shape and struggled with weight loss. I had developed health issues including: lower back problems, neck & shoulder pain, bad posture, felt lethargic, lack of energy and very tired.  I had developed an unhealthy appetite and struggled with cravings. I experienced feelings of helplessness, low self-esteem and felt hopeless. I have successfully LOST 20kg! My body feels younger, healthier, stronger, toned and very energetic! The weight training has increased my metabolism, helped strengthen my lower back and improved my posture. Overall, I have become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger. Training helps me enjoy a healthier ‘way of life.’  I feel more positive, happier and more energized.  Training is now a challenge rather than a chore – a sense of achievement when I push my mind and body to the next level.  I am in more control and feel confident in making healthier food choices, which have reduced my sugar cravings,  improved my skin, improved sleep and general well-being. Training has improved my overall strength and physical health. I have noticed incredible improvements in my body; reduced pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders, reduced headaches, tension and stress levels. My body feels a lot younger and healthier! I really enjoy training with Robbie. I respect his professionalism, expertise and commitment in achieving my weight loss goals, increasing my fitness levels and improving overall well-being!  I managed to succeed in what I truly believed was impossible and I am very grateful for his continuous support! I love the mental and physical challenge that comes with training with a personal trainer. I am currently enjoying the body transformation bootcamp sessions – I have developed new friendships and another great support network. Most importantly, training has definitely improved the quality of my life and my overall well-being… It’s a better way of life The positive results give me a sense of achievement, fulfilment and the ability to enjoy a much happier and a healthier life-style. Poppy - I have successfully LOST 20kg!