Tony – I have lost 10kgs and kept it off.

  • Where first starting at SUFS my fitness levels were ok, I was attending the gym when I could, But I have found that I have gained greater results over a much shorter time frame by having a structured fitness program with Robbie. I have gained lean muscles, lost unwanted body fat, and increased my muscles tone. Developing my abs and trimming my body fat has flattened my stomach, which I have always had issues getting this area conditioned in the past. I physically look fitter and stronger. I rarely suffer from any joint pain since starting at SUFS and i have a lot more flexibility ad mobility throughout my body. The thing I enjoy about training at SUFS is being pushed, getting direction and tips on nutrition, which in turn has me seeing fantastic results. I am happier, my stress levels are down, I have more motivation during the day and I have lost 10kgs and kept it off. There is a friendly training environment at SUFS and is great to be meeting and training with like minded people. Tony - I have lost 10kgs and kept it off.